Rachel Sermanni – A Red, Red Rose – Burns&Beyond Archive



One of the most famous love songs written by Robert Burns, ‘A Red, Red Rose’. Part of the song’s appeal is its use of powerful, natural imagery to convey a love that is ever-lasting and capable of surviving both distance and time.

From the Scottish highlands, Rachel Sermanni is a dynamic singer and songwriter, whose performance and lyrics draw from a deep well of mysticism, dreams, nature and the simple-complex experience of being human. A contemporary folk musician, influenced by a wealth of genres including jazz, rock, old-time and traditional. She is also a visual artist who enjoys drawing Naked Ladies and has co-directed a number of her own music videos.

Rachel’s most recent album, So it Turns, was inspired by her time studying & volunteering at a buddhist monastery, and was released in August 2019, having been recorded in Berlin.

Most of Rachel’s astrological being resides in the 5th house; The House Of Fun. Whether or not you adhere to horoscopic notions, this works as a succinct way to explain that, for her, Creation equals existence and Creative Expression equals Joy.