Happy Burns Day everyone! Burns&Beyond returns for a 4th year, presenting a feast of FREE online music, spoken word, food and whisky to help you celebrate the Bard in style.

To celebrate Rabbie’s birthday (25th January), we once again bring you some of Scotland’s finest performers direct into your home, with a programme of FREE online performance for you to enjoy, your step-by-step guide to Burns Night and some very special events from the Burns&Beyond archives.

Tonight at 7pm we bring you a Neu Reekie Burns Night extravaganza, ‘Burns On Fire’ – a FREE film premiere beamed direct upon your screens, to help celebrate the Bard in style, featuring the sublime talents of:

NOVA (featuring special guest EMPRESS) / Siobhan Wilson / Nadine Aisha Jassat / plus Michael Pedersen & Kevin Williamson


Burns&Beyond x


Featured Event


with special guests


NOVA (featuring special guest Empress)
Siobhan Wilson
Nadine Aisha Jassat


Michael Pedersen & Kevin Williamson

With over a decade of unfurling alternative Burns Nights under their belts, Neu! Reeke! are perhaps the best placed cabal in Scotland to conjure an atypical Burns Night that’ll ruffle feathers and arouse the senses.


Featured Event

Burns Night at Hame

The first Burns Supper was held in July 1802 on the fifth anniversary of Burns’ death. Nine of his closest friends met at the cottage in Alloway in celebration of his life. The evening was a triumph. So much so that they decided to meet again on the date of his birthday the following January. Little did they know that night that they set in motion what would become a global phenomenon. And one, dear fiere, you should feel proud to be part of…

The key ingredient to any Burns Supper is to have FUN, you can follow the traditional format or make up your own, but we’ve included a few music performances and Rabbie Recitals for you to enjoy as part of the celebrations.


Featured Event

Michael Pendry’s Les Colombes

at St. Giles' Cathedral

Following a series of stunning installations in recent years for Burns&Beyond at St. Giles’ Cathedral, we are thrilled to return to the landmark building and welcome German artist Michael Pendry to Scotland for his first installation with the beautiful Les Colombes (The Doves), a winding column of more than 2,000 origami paper doves which will fly the full length of St. Giles’ Cathedral, transforming the space for daytime visitors, and presenting a spectacular multi-media and light display in the evenings. Symbolizing love, hope and kindness, Les Colombes encourages a feeling of optimism as we reflect on years past and look ahead into 2022.


Featured Event

Dove Making At St. Giles’ Cathedral


Try out your origami skills and help to create a spectacular flock of birds to become part of Les Colombes (The Doves), a stunning installation symbolising love, hope and kindness coming to St Giles’ Cathedral in March 2022.